One of Thuban's appearances.

Thuban is the name of the dragon bonded to Drew in Scalebound.


Thuban is believed to be the last of a race of mighty dragons that were at one time worshiped by the people of Draconis. It is unknown under what exact circumstance the two came together but Thuban and Drew have a unshakable bond with one another. This is due in large part to the fact that if one dies the other would as well.

Appearance Edit

Thuban's appearance can be customized by the player through the use of the in game Dragon Temple. Options include a two legged pterodactyl like dragon, a four legged European styled dragon, and a Asian serpentine Dragon. Additionally the color of the dragon's skin can be altered by the player, as well as given stripes and spots at their discretion, and alter the shape and placement of his horns. Additionally Thuban can also acquire a suit of armor which can also be customized by the player.


Another aspect of Thuban that the player can customized is their powers and abilities, thus far Fire and Ice have been confirmed as breath powers. The Armor that Thuban can get also increases his offensive options, such as a tail axe for example.

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