Drew is the main character of Scalebound.

He becomes bonded with the dragon Thuban and inherits dragon-like abilities of his own.


Drew has been summarized as alternating between feeling invincible, cocky and head strong, to vulnerable and lost in the strange world of Draconis. His relationship with Thuban is described as being the Han Solo to Thuban's Chewbacca, although they disagree at times the two share an unbreakable steadfast bond with Drew being the only one able to understand the Dragon's feelings and thoughts.


Drew is a handsome man of average height with short white/blond hair and hazel eyes. He wears gray colored jeans and a black leather jacket on top of a black T-Shirt. After arriving on Draconis and bonding with Thuban, Drew gets the right sleeve of his jacket and chest area of his shirt torn off, exposing glowing dragon like scales underneath. Drew's most notable accessory is a set of red head phones kept around his neck when not in use that he frequently dons when fighting. Drew also has his left ear pierced. The piercing is on his snug.


Drew's most prominent ability is his status as a dragon rider, granting him the power to ride and fight alongside the dragon Thuban and absorb a fraction of his power, sheathing himself in a set of draconic armor that significantly dials up his speed, agility, and power. Through his dragon arm Drew is able to revive Thuban should he fall in battle. Drew also demonstrates his proficiency with a sword & shield, great sword, spear and the bow and arrow, as he demonstrates in the game's demo devastating a hoard of, presumably, human soldiers and insectoid enemies.


  • Drew's resemblance to Nero of the Devil May Cry franchise has been noted by several fans of the series, most notably Nero's and Drew's glowing scaly arms and fondness for head phones as an accessory.
  • Along with Nero, Drew also carries a small resemblance to Dante from the rebooted/alternate universe version of the Devil May Cry series; DmC: Devil May Cry.

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